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A hardworking and dedicated journalist with a passion for politics, international news, human rights issues, entertainment, and the arts. I am currently finishing my Masters of Arts in Journalism at the National University of Ireland, Galway where I've written and pitched hard news for the local community. I am looking to apply my versatility in print, radio, and TV broadcasting to be an asset in a newsroom. 

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Mnásome Magazine - 9 Ways to be Body Inclusive

9 Ways the Fashion Industry and Body Positivity Movement Could be More Inclusive When it comes to clothing, the fashion industry usually creates styles for straight sizes (size 0 - 16) and plus-sizes (16+). However, the emergence of the “mid-size” body has made fashion consider the in-between bodies that fall in sizes that are just a bit too small and just a bit too large (size 8 - 16). Models in the fashion industry are usually young people. It would be much more inclusive if the fashion indu

Mnásome Magazine - Body Positivity and Inclusivity in Fashion from a Mid-Sized Woman

Society has not been kind to women’s bodies, especially bodies that don’t fit what is considered the normal size. Over the past few years, social media has developed and defined the movement of what modern body positivity is. By definition, body positivity is the movement focused on the acceptance of all bodies, regardless of shape, size, color, or gender. It has slowly started to instill power into the minds of all people who identify with the movement. The movement was revolutionized by Tes

Eyre Square protest held to address misogyny and gender-based violence

Violence against women and racism were the key themes at a city event to mark International Women’s Day. Around 60 people gathered on Eyre Square on Tuesday at a rally organized by Rosa, an Irish Social Feminist Organization to highlight femicide, gender-based violence, and racism. Guest speakers discussed issues surrounding gender-based violence, and made specific references back to the murder of Ashling Murphy in January. Rosa also wanted to highlight the underfunding of Rape and Domestic V

From Galway to Ukraine: Watching an invasion from 3,000km away

A few days ago, Daria Wallace called her mother who lives in Smila, Ukraine, to ask her about her day, both of them with the growing thoughts of a Russian invasion in the back of their minds. “I feel guilty because I am safe here and they could be attacked every day. An invasion is actually happening, it’s really happening.” On the morning of 24 February, Russia began their invasion of Ukraine. During this invasion, it was revealed that Daria’s town, Smila, was attacked. Daria was born in Ukr

Rents increase by almost 9% according to new Daft.ie report Galway Pulse

Rents increase by almost 9% according to new Daft.ie report Rents in Galway City have jumped by almost nine per cent within the last year, with the average rent now standing around €1,500 a month. That’s according to the latest figures from the property website, Daft.ie, which shows rents across the city continuing to rise while listings continue to fall. This is the second year in a row where there has been an increase in rent due to inflation. At the end of the last quarter in 2021, nationw

€2.5 million to benefit more than 30 Galway Schools

More than 30 schools around Galway City and county will benefit from a €2.5 million investment through the Summer Works scheme. 31 Galway schools in the primary and secondary levels will benefit from the funding to help reinforce the technical works on buildings and surrounding areas. Last year, 17 schools in Galway were awarded funding. Most of the approved projects for the schools in Galway are for mechanical works and electrical works, as well as a few external upgrades to play areas. Fine

Creamy, Chocolatey, and Delicious! 9 of the best Hot Chocolates in Galway

Galway is a diverse city full of culture, history, and cuisine. Its restaurants and cafés offer a variety of selection to many tourists who come to visit and locals who stop by when running errands. Going to get coffee, no matter if you are a visitor or someone local, has become part of a daily routine. But what about the people who don’t like coffee? Or always find themselves dragged to a cafe with their friends and family and feel out of place when they don’t know what to order? Hot chocola

'Marine litter belongs to all of us': Cleanup at Grattan Beach

‘Marine litter belongs to all of us’: Cleanup at Grattan Beach Volunteers were able to fill six bags with litter in a one-hour time period at Grattan Beach this past weekend. The Galway Atlantaquaria hosted a beach cleanup in partnership with Clean Coasts to help spread awareness about marine litter. The special cleanup was hosted at Grattan Beach along Salthill Promenade on 22 January, although Clean Coasts and the Atlantaquaria have been cleaning this beach for years. Around ten volunteers

Asia Brodini: The Italian queer activist’s quest for change

A protest was held in Eyre Square on November 3rd to show support of the LGBT community after anti-LGBT legislation in Italy was passed earlier in the week. Among those who protested was Asia Brodini (she/her) who is a 20-year-old Arts student at NUI Galway. Ms Brodini, who identifies as queer, recently left her home country of Italy right before the start of the term. When Ms Brodini was 13, she dreamed of leaving Italy because of the homophobia that she experienced. While she was living there

Interview with Alumnus and Fulbright Scholar Santiago Losada

Former Slavic Club President, founding Brother of Phi Delta Theta, Diplomatic Envoy staff writer, and Fulbright Scholar are all words that can be used to describe Seton Hall University Alumnus, Santiago Losada. Those who had the pleasure to cross paths with Santiago were mesmerized by his passion for learning about languages and culture. After graduating in 2019, Santiago accepted a position as a Fulbright Scholar and traveled to Moldova during the 2019-2020 academic year. Fulbright is an incre

Australian Bush Fires: International Response and Government Lack of Accountability – The Diplomatic Envoy

For the past few months, the Australian Rural Fire Service (RFS) has been battling powerful wildfires in the New South Wales region of the country. The fires have killed over 27 people, burned more than 12 million hectares, and have killed or injured over a billion animals, according to The Diplomat. Amidst all the chaos, Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison has been heavily criticized for his lack of action and proactivity over the devastating fires. During the most active weeks of the f

Migrants Dreaming of New Futures Find Nightmarish Lives Inside Yemen Trafficking Rings – The Diplomatic Envoy

Migrants and refugees from the Horn of Africa continue to be targeted by smugglers, becoming victims of human trafficking. The migrants hailing from Ethiopia and Yemen face abduction and abuse inside such trafficking rings, where traffickers kidnap women and children for prostitution and force men to sell body parts or organs to make money. Prior to the start of the Yemen civil war in 2015, civilians had already been living in poverty. The introduction of the conflict caused a major trafficking

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